Thursday, 8 November 2012

Custom Rom For HCL ME U1

CWM Recovery For HCL ME U1 tablet

Download Link HCL ME U1:

Download Link HCL ME G1

It is based on clockwork-mod recovery v

How to flash CWM recovery in HCL ME U1 and G1.

1. Unzip the file you downloaded, you will get recovery.img
2. Copy recovery.img in your sdcard
3.Download attach file and extract it in desktop.
4. Now right click in blank space of ADB folder and open command prompt in adb folder and  type adb shell in command prompt
5. Now type the following command in command promot
dd if=/mnt/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3

6. It will show a message after a while, it means it's completed.

How to Boot Tablet In recovery Mod:
1. Power OFF the tablet.
2. Press Power On key and also Press Volume Down key.
3. When You see The ME logo  press the Volume Up key and wait some time after the you see CWM Recovery Mod.

After successfully Booting you in CWM recovery you able to Back up data and also able to restore it.


CWM Based Custom Recovery Are next Step so Plz Wait some Time.


  1. Still waiting :)
    What you have to give for HCL y2 users?
    Any help will be appreciated. Only thing I want is just a Google Play


  2. I got play store and all other gapps working on my Y2 from your guide..Thanks a lot.. Will this CWM recovery work on Y2 ?

    1. i dont know but you try it because it possible due to same hardware or a android oos used in building a tablet. more chances of work it. so try it and any problem come then reply me.

  3. help it says permission denied

  4. yes have rooted by unlockroot, then i installed cwm by the above steps but when updated using ur jellybean info on the other page am getting file prop error
    any way thnks fr answering n providing such useful info....

  5. try to root using information provided by me in my post because unlockroot is not able to root over tablet.

  6. How to install Clockworkmod recovery on Hcl Me G1 tab? Plz , Plz...

    1. wait for some time a will give you information tommorrow. ok

    2. hi Tapas, I am provided CWM for HCL ME G1. process is same. ok if any problem come then call me. and also you use same process for root HCL ME G1 tab given in this blog. ok....

    3. Thanks Jitesh. I will try it & inform you accordingly.

  7. Jitesh i am not able to connect my G1 via adb. It shows no device found. But when i connect my samsung android phone it recognize it, that means the usb driver is all right. What to do next?

  8. install usb driver of g1 or try driver given in this blog if it compatible to hcl me g1.

  9. Not working. Can you make it a zip file namely which i can flash via stock recovery?

  10. Thanx. I execute the command dd if=/mnt/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 via terminal emulator successfully, but still now i am unable to enter on cwm. It enters on stock recovery v4.0

  11. Sir. this method will work for my Hcl me y2?

    1. try this method if you able to root then reply me .

    2. Good day sir. Thanks for reply.
      Last month i rooted my karbonn a7 successfully using cwm, but my Hcl me y2 having reboot problem often forcing me to factory reset. Thats why i want to get cwm recovery to install custom rom.

      Please clarify me the followings.
      1. Which cwm recovery should i use U1 or G1?
      2. In point no 3. I can't understand, which attach file should i extract to desk top.
      3. When should i connect my tablet to my computer.
      Thanks for your anticipated help.
      Waiting for your reply.

    3. try U1 recovery.
      sorry for that i provided link for that file.
      from first step.

  12. Sir i tried, but
    not successful.
    Unable to do point no 4.
    I tried copying adb in system 32, and tried cmd prompt. It ans access denied., no write permission like that. If there is good solution to root my hcl me y2. Please let me know.
    Thank you..

  13. Jitesh i have successfully enter recovery image on my G1 via terminal emulator, the correct block is mtdblock3 instead of mmcblk0p3. But still i am not able to enter on cwm, my stock recovery is also gone. I think there are some issue with the recovery.img that you have provided.
    Can you tell us what to do next?? Thanks...

    1. try method given above to enter in CWM recovery.

  14. Hello, Sir
    I tried ur recovery and cwm online builder but it does not work with
    my tab. It fails in mounting file system.

    i am requisting cwm recovery for my tab.
    I have included all information in zip file including
    my stock recovery. (plz remove link: )

    My Tab info:- BSNL Penta IS701C, Vimicro vc882, 512mb ram, 1ghz cpu, 7" tab
    Hardware button:- vol up, vol down and power button

    uid=0 gid=0@android:/ # cat /proc/mtd
    cat /proc/mtd
    dev: size erasesize name
    mtd0: 00a00000 00100000 "SysInfo"
    mtd1: 00c00000 00100000 "Uboot"
    mtd2: 01400000 00100000 "kernel"
    mtd3: 01400000 00100000 "RKer"
    mtd4: 15e00000 00100000 "System"
    mtd5: 25800000 00100000 "Data"
    mtd6: 06400000 00100000 "Cache"
    mtd7: ba700000 00100000 "user"
    uid=0 gid=0@android:/ # cat /proc/cpuinfo
    cat /proc/cpuinfo
    Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v7l)
    BogoMIPS : 929.79
    Features : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3
    CPU implementer : 0x41
    CPU architecture: 7
    CPU variant : 0x3
    CPU part : 0xc08
    CPU revision : 2

    Hardware : Vimicro Vortex Board
    Revision : 0000
    Serial : 0000000000000000
    uid=0 gid=0@android:/ # cat /proc/partitions
    cat /proc/partitions
    major minor #blocks name

    7 0 2531328 loop0
    7 1 2111 loop1
    7 2 2111 loop2
    31 0 10240 mtdblock0
    31 1 12288 mtdblock1
    31 2 20480 mtdblock2
    31 3 20480 mtdblock3
    31 4 358400 mtdblock4
    31 5 614400 mtdblock5
    31 6 102400 mtdblock6
    31 7 3054592 mtdblock7
    179 0 15558144 mmcblk0
    179 1 15016679 mmcblk0p1
    179 2 530145 mmcblk0p2
    254 0 2110 dm-0
    254 1 2110 dm-1
    uid=0 gid=0@android:/ #

    plz compile for my device when you have time or plz tell me how can i modify recovery.

    thankx in advance.
    really appriciate your valuable time.

  15. try this recovery first because all hardware is same so that chances is good. if not able to flash and want to modify then go to xda developer site and search how to modify recovery.img which provide all information to you.

    1. thankx jitesh for reply,
      Yes u r right all hardware are same but ur tab has emmc file system and mine is mtd.
      I already tried this one but result is same. Is this possible to edit ur cwm recovery to detect my file system or can i build cwm from my stock recovery.
      I have kitchen installed in my pc and i can modify ramdisk of my recovery. I think modifying sbin/recovery.file in ramdisk will fix this problem. but i dont know
      how to modiy this file... plz help me out....

    2. you try to gooogle for how to modify recovery.img.

    3. I tried cwmr from other vimicro vc88x variants like flypad6, hipad m8, hcl u1 but none of them are working.
      i tried every possible modification in ramdisk and also ur method too but the result is same..
      I think modifying sbin/recovery file in ramdisk will fix this problem. but when i open this file with notepad++ it shows garbage information.
      Actually i made custome rom for this device and planning to post over net. if cwmr works for this device than everybody can easily flash this one.
      again thank u for showing interest in my post.

    4. HI I am using HCL U1..unal to recover bcox while i am downloading recovery file its not showing recovery.img

    5. there is a recovery file inside the port-hcl.7z file. you are require to extract the file.

  16. Jitesh Sir I Did All Procedure as u suggest.
    i am getting an error as 'dd' is not recognized as internal or external commonad opret program or batch file please sir help me

  17. is it necessary to root hcl me u1 for cwm recovery? my tab when started goes into endless start-up screen loop.. can u please provide solution for that?

    1. yes, its requre to root hcl me u1 tablet for install cwm recovery.

  18. i want to intall new ics rom of hcl me u1, tell me guys what kind of & where i download files for new ics rom.

    1. you download new hcl me u1 rom from xda developer site where you able to find custum rom for hcl me u1 tab.

  19. I did everything you wrote and everything done successfuly, but the recovery file didn't appeare in the last step.
    It's there in the sdcard i checked it.
    what to do??? plz help.

    1. try once again because chances of missing any step.

  20. my hcl me y2 tablet is just hanging on me logo please help me
    please provide me orignal rom for my hcl me y2 tablet
    my cont .. detail is 9757487656
    please help

    1. you go to services center for that problem.

    2. hi jitesh i need help i tried to download google play for HCL me u1 tab without rooting method given in this link
      but after doing all the steps i am stucked at the android screen it ask for country , date and then i get message " unfortunately setup wizard has stopped "
      i tried your method. i copied recovery.img on sdcard and put it in tab slot and run the commands on laptop but i am getting error "recovery.img not found". Please help i got tab today only and i have totally messed it up in trying to install google play

    3. you try method given in my blog for install and root the hcl me u1 tab and you told method given is not possible so try using how to install google play store method in my blog.

  21. jitesh i want to install Ics on my y2 tablet kindly tell me complete procedure

    thanks rajat

  22. you can get that directly from the service center or from HCL guys

  23. Its better if u talk to the HCl sales guys they canprovide u the new update on the HCL V1 software

  24. hi sir this is sanjay.i have hcl g1 tablet.but some time is not swich on.y i don't what happend inside. how to on the tablet pls tell me

  25. Hi!!! I have a y2 which is giving booting problems.... I want to install cwm. Can this be done?? Also if for some reason if does not work then can I go back to original recovery???

  26. i have followed 5 steps but after that it is showing that cannot open for read:no such file or directory

  27. abe drivers to de for G1! Send here:

  28. plz broo my u1 tab is not getn reboot .. i hav not eva used it for more den two days
    plzz help

    1. You have requre to reset tablet. reset option given in power butttun side.

  29. Bro I m trying to install/load the recovery.img file on my device hcl me u1...the prob is I can access the memory card in device but the same time if i connect to pc with debugging enabled mode.I am using win7 and I didn't install any of the pc suit software or device driver my pc I can see the internal storage theresnt any external I copy the file on it and open the command prompt and run the command but unfortunately I am getting an error msg that device not found...could u please navigate me to solve this issue and show me the freedom gate of applications...?

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. im going through the same issue as freex. My tab is in debugging mode, im using windows 7. I open cmd, type in adb shell, everything works fine.
      HOWEVER, when I enter dd if=/mnt/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3, I GET A RESPONSE SAYING NO SUCH FILE OR DIRECTORY FOUND.

    2. you read all step once again because you miss any step. i feel that you have miss step no.2 in that you require to put recovery.img file in internel sd card.

  31. Can I have any recovery at all in hcl me v1?

  32. I have rooted and installed recovery also sucsessfully, I done this only for "google play" but still "unfortunately playsttore has stoped" message anoying me. I installed many times but no result, what is benyfit of rooting ? How to rootout restriction for googleplay from me u1? Many more aps also not runing on it, such as opera mobile

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. I have successfully rooted my HCL me G1 but while installing clockwork-mod through tablet Terminal Emulator. typing the command>>
    dd if=/mnt/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mtdblock3
    it says permission denied
    please help........

    And is there any way to make back up of your Stock Rom before installing clockwork mod ?????

    1. yes there is some method for backup rom but you not able to flash without using cwm recovery.
      you said message is permission denied is due to you not able to root the tablet root tablet using unlockroot saftware.

  35. Hii I am not able to install or uninstall anything on my hcl tablet u1 pls suggest and help

  36. Hi guys, I desperately need custom rom for me v1...please help...& provide stepwise procedure also...

    1. My name is sayan btw..

    2. I too need the same. Please inform when u got one

  37. how much time we need to wait?

  38. can u please help me with a custom rom for HCL ME V1 please??
    xoxoxoxo call me 9492910562 Sandhya <3

  39. sir..can u please provide us the link to downlad original hcl me u1 firmware. plzzz

  40. hello sir, will this cmw work for HCL ME CONNECT 25 V1.0-D

  41. Sir, Please Fix Your Grammer.


  42. Plz provide cwm & costom rom with procedure for hcl me V1
    its blocks are mtd based

  43. Hi Pratik,

    Hope you are in good health.

    Is there any stable ROM for this tab? Or can I switch back to the original stock rom?